Identification of Inadmissible Passengers

The number of international air travellers arriving at their destinations with inadequate documentation, fraudulent documents or completely without any documentation at all has increased in recent years.

Airlines are obliged to handle large numbers of passengers, together with their luggage, within an average period of 2 hours for an international flight. This requires a combination of speed and efficiency, for minimum handling time per passenger and good customer service.

It is frequently necessary to spend a minimum of five minutes attempting to confirm the legitimacy of a questionable document. Allocating this amount of time in every situation where a doubt arises results in a significant reduction in operational efficiency.

Course Details

This seminar provides staff with appropriate training, the correct equipment and sound procedures, which will increase their proficiency in devoting attention to potential holders of improper documents.

A combination of these measures will increase the probability of rapidly identifying passengers with inadequate documentation, as well as those attempting to circumvent immigration requirements.

Course Modules

  • Insight into the Capabilities & Tactics of Terrorist Groups
  • Statistical Review and Current Trends in Illegal Travel
  • Descriptions of Various Methods of Forgery and Counterfeiting
  • Techniques for Identifying Instances of Forger
  • The One-stop Security Check Vision
  • Examination of Fraudulent Documents Seized from Criminals
  • Analysis of Fraudulent Documents using Technology
  • Suspicious Signs
  • Questioning Techniques

General Information 

  • Seminar is carried out over 3 days
  • Fee includes lunch and light refreshments, served each day
  • Seminar hours: 09:00hrs to 16:30hrs daily
  • Participants will earn a S.T.O.P. Security Training Certificate in the Identification of Inadmissible Passengers

Who should attend?

  • Customs Officers
  • Airport Security Personnel
  • Border Patrol

Personnel Required to Identify Documents

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