X-Ray Simulation and CBT


Simfox x-ray security training simulator Overview Features Licensing

Simfox is a Security X-Ray Simulator that is used to train and test the x-ray detection skills of security screeners.

It delivers security x-ray training at all levels for all major single and multi view x-ray machines including Smiths-Heimann, Rapiscan, L3, NucTech and Gilardoni.

Over the past few years Simfox has been successfully implemented by Airports and Cargo Forwarders throughout Europe in order to meet the (EU) No 2015/1998.


Overview Features Licensing

Trefox is a multimedia CBT that is used to deliver Initial Security X-Ray Training to newly recruited x-ray operators before they start simulation and on the job training.

It can also be taken by more experienced personnel such as managers who wish to broaden their understanding of security x-ray technology.