Renful Premier Technologies is a UK based company that aims to bridge the gap between technology and the human factor by delivering high quality and customisable security training products, services and consultancy.

The Renful brand was developed by Moshe Cohen following increasing demands for practical and effective solutions for security staff training at all levels.

Development of X-Ray Screeners

With the realisation that the human factor is the weakest link in the security chain and the easiest one to exploit, came the demand for practical and effective solutions for staff training at all levels.

Renful has addressed this challenge by creating the most comprehensive suite of products and services designed to improve the selection, training, evaluation and monitoring of x-ray screeners.

Renful now provide realistic simulations of x-ray machines, pre-employment selection tests, computer-based multimedia training, simulant explosives, screening efficiency monitoring systems and university accredited security courses.
























A key factor behind Renful’s success is innovation. Throughout our existence, we have introduced a number of new products with features and functions that meet specific user needs and help make the training process more productive.

1989 Simfox – The first ever security x-ray simulator

Renful’s founders pioneer the use of computer-based x-ray training by developing the first training and testing x-ray simulator, Simfox.


2002 Theory Based Training goes Multimedia

Renful develops Trefox, a CBT used to inform newly recruited screeners about procedures and terminology related to x-ray screening.


2003 Visual Explosive Simulants

Renful adds visual Explosives and I.E.D training kits to improve the threat recognition skills of the screeners.


2006 Aptitude Tests for X-Ray Screeners

Renful develops Pre-M, the first screener aptitude test, used to recruit the best suited candidate for the role of x-ray screener.


2008 Simulant Explosives become X-Ray Correct

Renful develops x-ray correct explosive simulants in order to improve the detection of explosives and I.E.D. under x-ray.


2010 Simfox goes Online

Renful launches Simfox Net, a web-based X-ray training simulator allowing both trainers and screeners to work from any computer connected to the internet.


2010 Renful’s Courses get University Accreditation

Renful’s training seminars are accredited in partnership with Middlesex University providing the participants with an opportunity to study towards academic qualifications.


2011 Compliance becomes easier with OpeReady

Renful develops OpeReady, which helps managers to monitor and control the operational compliance level of their employees.



2012 Simfox offers Dual View X-Ray Simulators

Renful develops Dual View X-Ray training and testing simulators for Simfox. Current Dual View compatibilities include Rapiscan, Heimann & L3.


2013 Development of OpSEM

OpSEM is developed in order to improve passenger facilitation and screening efficiency at checkpoints.

2014 X-Ray Simulators for Container Scanners

Renful finalizes the development of X-ray Simulators for Large Container Scanners and implement the first ones in Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Simfox becomes compatible with Astrophysics.


2015 Simfox Additions and Developments

Simfox becomes compatible with mobile devices and receives an additional interface, Opto-Heimann. Renful launches the online version of PreM.


2016 Adaptive Training within Simfox

Renful develops the adaptive training feature within Simfox, which is based on the TIP data.


2017 Simfox Additional Interface

Simfox boasts one additional container interface, consequently Renful launches the Heimann Container Simulator.


2018 Development of an Automated X-Ray Threat Detection Algorithm

Renful develops EyeFox, an innovative threat detection system designed specifically for the security X-ray screening market.


2018 Development of Simulation Games for risk assessment

Renful develops a software application to enable students and staff to learn through simulation and gaming.

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