Cargo Security Management

The Cargo Security Management seminar provides an insight into how all types of screening equipment including x-ray, hand search, dogs and explosive trace detectors are used in the industry, and will also cover the health and safety guidelines for using such equipment.

You will discuss the implications of terrorist threats including physical security changes and improvements that should be made and the effects of these on the freight/cargo business.

You will analyse and discuss the evolution of methods used by terrorists and criminals to circumvent cargo security procedures; the implementation of effective security systems; and the technologies available for cargo protection.

You will learn how the freight transport industry can prepare for and respond to terrorist attacks and how leading airports, carriers and shippers are deploying the latest technologies to improve the security and safety of international cargo shipments

Course Modules

  • Insight into the Capabilities & Tactics of Terrorist Groups
  • Current and Emerging Security Risks
  • Threat & Risk Analysis
  • Current Cargo Security Initiatives
  • Current Regulatory Requirements
  • Cargo Screening Procedures
  • Security Management of Warehouses
  • Security Approach in the UK
  • International best practice and initiatives
  • Technology Available for Cargo Screening
  • Ensuring appropriate security without hindering operations

General Information

  • Seminar is carried out over 3 days
  • Fee includes lunch and light refreshments, served each day
  • Seminar hours: 09:00hrs to 16:30hrs daily
  • Participants will earn a S.T.O.P. Security Training Certificate in Cargo Security Management

Who should attend?

The seminar will be of interest to cargo transportation and security professionals from the entire spectrum of cargo security: air, truck/rail and maritime, including:

  • Police officers and other law enforcement personnel
  • Cargo services and operational managers
  • Cargo acceptance & handling staff
  • Customs officers
  • Risk management specialists
  • Aviation and AVSEC inspectors
  • Terminal, airport, seaport & airline managers
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