Operational Equipment


STPs are used to test x-ray machines are functioning correctly and that there are no obvious changes that might affect their performance to detect and display important materials.

For applications such as Airports and Cargo forwarders, it is a legal obligation within the EU to regularly test X-Ray equipment for image quality using the STP.

Forgery Detectors

Forgery Detectors are used by Airports, Customs, Police and other high security installations to identify fake passports, ID documents and banknotes.

UV Lights

Ultraviolet Lamps are used by many banks, retail stores, immigration services, governments and police forces worldwide for instant document and currency verification.

Metal Detectors

We supply our range of hand held metal detectors to a wide variety of organisations throughout the world including airports, schools, courts, police stations, shipping companies and a whole range of warehouses and retail outlets for loss prevention.