Simulant Training Kits

Weapons Training Kit


The Simulant Weapons Training Kit contains 14 different types of weapons that are commonly concealed and transported by criminals and terrorists.

This threat identification training aid delivers x-ray correct simulated threats that can be concealed within luggage or on a person and used for x-ray detection training or hand search training.

  • Ellipse Shaped Key Ring with Concealed Blade
  • Key Ring Opinel Knife
  • Key Ring Knife with Torch
  • Key Ring with Extending cord
  • Hair Brush with Concealed Spike
  • Dummy Pen Gun
  • ‘Stanley’ Knife with Double Blade
  • Aluminum ‘Kubaton’
  • ‘Tool Logic’ Survival Tool with knife
  • Plastic Cast ‘Ace of Spades’
  • Plastic Cast ‘Lansky’ Knife
  • Plastic Cast  ‘Delta Dart’
  • Folding Scissors
  • ‘Swiss Tech’ Utili-Key