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Threat Essentials Training Kit











The Threat Essentials Training Kit delivers a great introduction to the different types of threats a security officer will be required to detect during operation.

It offers a variety of threat objects including Detonators & Batteries, IED Mechanisms, Simulated Explosives, Concealed IEDs and a de-activated Firearm that can be stripped.

As all items in this Training Kit are both visually and X-ray correct, they can be used for visual familiarization training, X-ray familiarization training and covert drills.

Replica of a semi-automated pistol

  1. EU Countries – this item is shipped separately from the training kit
  2. Non-EU Countries – this item is not available in the training kit. Instead there are 2 alternative options:
    • Double Barrel Gun
    • Dummy Pen Gun – in case Weapon Kit is not purchased additionally

Detonators & Power Sources

  • Electric Aluminium, Copper & Cardboard
  • Safety Fuse
  • Copper Improvised
  • TATP
  • Various Power Sources

Simulant Explosives

  • 500g of C4
  • 500g TATP Powder

Concealed IEDs

  • DVD with light sensitive trigger
  • Torch with components concealed in dummy batteries
  • Soft Drink can

Delay Mechanisms

  • Mechanical timer
  • Digital timer
  • Tilt switch board
  • Pressure release board