Open day in Tokyo, Japan

Participants from various security and government organisations, have attended an open day on the subject of Pre-Selection, Training, Testing and Management for X-Ray Operators in Tokyo, Japan.

During the free-to-attend Open Day Renful introduced and demonstrated a number of high quality and innovative products and services, dedicated to providing a multi-level approach to training and supervision, including:

  • Pre-M (Pre-employment Testing System)
  • Trefox (Training Essentials for X-ray – CBT)
  • Simfox (Simulator for X-ray)
  • OpeReady (Operational Readiness and Compliance Management System)
  • OpSEM (Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System) software

These Open Days provide a great opportunity for you to discover how our products work and how they can be implemented into your security training operation to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of your employees.

Here are some photos from the open day