Jakarta Maritime Academy Purchase Training Kits & Simfox

STIP (Jakarta Maritime Academy) in Indonesia have purchased Simfox X-Ray Simulator and Renful’s full range of Simulant Training Kits.

Renful has spent the last week providing training to STIP’s staff in order for them to get the most out of the products and start delivering training to their workforce immediately.

With Simfox, STIP will be able to provide advanced x-ray security simulation training to their screeners.

Simfox delivers simulators for all major x-ray machine manufacturers. The simulators use high resolution images taken directly from the x-ray machine and offer machine specific image enhancement and zoom functions. All this ensures STIP will have the most realistic and advanced simulator available on the market.

With Simulant training Kits, STIP will be able to provide threat familiarisation training to their staff.

Training Kits provide a cost efficient way of getting the simulants needed to provide high quality threat detection training. All Training Kits contain a variety of Explosives, Detonators, Drugs, Replica IEDs and other Threats and are stored in a protective briefcase for easy transportation and storage.

Images from the training

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