OpSEM is a new and innovative Screening Efficiency Monitoring System that is designed to improve passenger facilitation and screening efficiency at security checkpoints.

The system records and analyses the screening operation providing data that can be used to improve screener skills, and security checkpoint efficiency as well as settle disputes with Airlines over delays to passenger screening.


Improves communication at checkpoint

OpSEM streamlines the security checkpoint by connecting the screener and searcher via two touch screen monitors. This means that the searcher knows exactly what to search for and where to search without having to ask the x-ray screener.

This creates a faster checkpoint throughput and increased commercial income for Airports as passengers have more time to spend in the duty free shops.

Review mistakes made during the operation

All images from the operation along with the actions taken by the screener and searcher are saved on the server

This provides a powerful training aid which enables a team leader or trainer to go through each image with the screener and discuss and analyse their decisions and false alarms.

Focused training of this kind is proven to lead to a reduction in the amount of unnecessary searched bags, which will improve passenger satisfaction.

Settle Disputes with Airlines

Contributes to settle Airline Disputes: Data from OpSEM  will reveal  why specific airline passengers were delayed at the checkpoint.

Real time alerts when screeners/operation falls below expected standards

OpSEM sends automatic emails/text messages to management concerning screeners that do not comply with the required performance level such as the minimum demanded operational screening or TIP performance level.

Additionally, data from OpSEM is automatically sent to OpeReady where managers and supervisors are able to create and export a number of customised reports

Licenses for OpSEM Screening Efficiency Monitoring System can be purchased for each checkpoint lane. The more lanes you purchase OpSEM for, the cheaper each license is.

The OpSEM License includes:

  • Free maintenance for 1 year
  • OpeReady included free of charge
  • Full setup and installation of OpSEM & OpeReady

We also offer an optional Checkpoint Design service  to  assist customers in the
design of their checkpoint area.

The name tabonespanish is already in use.